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At Surfside Carpentry, we help homeowners achieve the home of their dreams with bathroom and kitchen renovations, structural landscaping, beautiful decks and fencing. We service Caloundra, the entire Sunshine Coast region, Brisbane and Gympie.

With our range of high quality carpentry services we can help you achieve all your renovation, landscaping and decking goals. At Surfside Carpentry we pride ourselves in helping our clients turn their current home into the home of their dreams.

Our dedicated team of qualified carpenters will collaborate with you and each other to implement your project ideas and bring your vision to life.
Hammer and Nails — Carpentry in Caloundra, QLD


A quality renovation can add real value to your home, increasing the aesthetic appeal, functionality and, potential resale profit. The right renovation can essentially pay for itself and provide you with comfortable living.

Ensure the quality of your renovation is of high standard with carpentry services from Surfside Carpentry.


Custom framing can transform a picture into an artwork. Make your picture a beautiful feature by having the perfect frame crafted.

Find out how we can help you with your next deck renovation, kitchen or bathroom remodel, fencing, framing or structural landscaping project. Talk to us today to arrange a consultation.
Deck — Carpentry in Caloundra, QLD
We specialise in exceptional deck renovations. We can take a standard or outdated deck and transform it into a modern, beautiful living area that creates a seamless flow between outdoor and indoor living.
Modern Kitchen — Carpentry in Caloundra, QLD
Our expert carpentry team can take your kitchen concepts and make them a reality. We can advise you on the most practical and functional solutions to ensure your ... Read more
Modern Bathroom — Carpentry in Caloundra, QLD
Create more space in your bathroom, update the cabinetry or add more storage with a bathroom renovation. Quality carpentry services can give even the smallest bathroom the look of luxury.
Gazebos — Carpentry in Caloundra, QLD
Beautiful and functional external structures can add significant value to a home. The skilled team at Surfside Carpentry will work with you to design and create gorgeous decks, gazebos, privacy screens and fencing to complement your home.
Wardrobe — Carpentry in Caloundra, QLD
Clear the clutter with a custom wardrobe. If storage is at a premium at your place, we can help you get the hanging space and shelving you need with a wardrobe built to size and specifications to look as if it’s always been a part of the room.
Fence — Carpentry in Caloundra, QLD
A quality fence around your home defines the space, adds a finished look and is a protective element for those living there and your property. The right fencing complements and enhances the look of your home.